12 Innovative Cannabis Products: A Whole New World of Weed

Cannabis’s prohibition throughout the 20th century didn’t just result in the incarceration of millions of nonviolent drug offenders – it also stopped the progress of a robust recreational and medicinal industry dead in its tracks. There’s a lot of catching up to do now that the plant is transitioning out of the black market into legal commerce, leading many entrepreneurs to develop ways of transporting, consuming and otherwise engaging with cannabis we could only have dreamed of not so long ago. Here are some of the most exciting and novel cannabis-centric items you can purchase now.

1. Cannabis Coffee

Cannabis is slowly but surely joining the western world’s catalog of socially acceptable recreational drugs, so naturally, some businesses have already tried pairing it with other entries on that shortlist — like caffeine. The combination of coffee and THC has been colloquially known as “hippie speedball” for its combination of chill vibes and hyper-alertness. Now, companies like Ganja Grindz, Pot-O-Coffee and Koala Coffee are already marketing infused ground buns and Keurig cups that give new relevance to the term “wake and bake.”

2. Cannabis Wine

12 Innovative Cannabis Products: A Whole New World of Weed

Alcohol is the other obvious drug with which to pair cannabis, and the combination of weed and wine is a concoction that few self-respecting Northern California residents could pass up. Santa Cruz-based Canna Wine infuses each varietal with non-psychoactive cannabinoids for relaxing, anti-stress effects that bring the cost up to a steep $120 to $400 per half-bottle. Alternately, No Label — a similar California-based company owned by musician Melissa Etheridge — and the Spain-based producer Winabis offers some of the best prices for this crossover product, though you may have to fly across the Atlantic and pay in Euros to get some.

3. Pizza Sauce

12 Innovative Cannabis Products: A Whole New World of Weed

We all love getting high and enjoying a cheesy pizza pie afterward, but what if you could do both at once? What sounds like flying too close to the sun became a reality in 2014 with the release of LA-based Podey Pizza’s cannabis-infused pizza sauce. While the company and website have since gone inactive, cannabis-loving cooks can still make their own infused pizza recipes at home, or head to Mega Ill Pizza in Vancouver, British Columbia, to order a cannabinoid-medicated pizza for verified dispensary patients.

4. Reef Jerky

12 Innovative Cannabis Products: A Whole New World of Weed

Along with their line of extracts, Central California’s Badfish Extracts also produces a dried beef jerky that’ll get you high. Flavored with all the usual suspects like Worcestershire, garlic powder and brown sugar, Reef Jerky also boasts 134 milligrams of cannabinoids in the form of THC oil, which you can ingest without worrying about all the carbs and sugars of more common edibles like gummies and brownies.

5. Foria Sensual Enhancement Oil

12 Innovative Cannabis Products: A Whole New World of Weed

Conventional wisdom (and personal experience) says cannabis can even make sex better. Foria is putting that theory into practice with their sensual enhancement “Pleasure” oils. Currently available in California and Colorado, the THC-infused personal lubricants are meant to be sprayed onto the female genitalia shortly before intercourse for greater relaxation and a warming, tingling sensation.

6. Foria Tampons

12 Innovative Cannabis Products: A Whole New World of Weed

In addition to maximizing female pleasure during intercourse, Foria also sells products aimed at minimizing discomfort down there during that time of the month. Their “Relief” vaginal suppositories allegedly provide just that for menstrual and pelvic cramps through the topical delivery of 60 mg THC and 10 mg CBD, plus cocoa butter to keep everything running smoothly.

7. Whoopi’s Bath Salts

12 Innovative Cannabis Products: A Whole New World of WeedActress and TV personality Whoopi Goldberg teamed with cannabusinesswoman Maya Elisabeth to develop one of the California and Colorado markets’ most prominent purveyors of cannabis-infused bath products, an ever-growing vertical in the industry rife with CBD-rich shampoos, conditioners and bath bombs. In the case of Whoopi & Maya, their flagship products are the “SOAK” Epsom salts and “RUB” topical cream, both made with sun-grown cannabinoids to provide female consumers menstrual relief.

8. Cannabis Toothpaste

A fat blunt certainly won’t make your breath any fresher, but what if we put that cannabis into toothpaste? That’s exactly what New Yorks’ AXIM Technologies did with their line of Oraximax oral hygiene products, which make use of a non-psychoactive cannabinoid called CBG. The compound’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal and bone-strengthening properties make it well-suited to repairing tooth damage and reducing pain for a healthier mouth all-around.

9. Demeter Cannabis Perfume

12 Innovative Cannabis Products: A Whole New World of Weed

It isn’t just your breath that cannabis can make smell nice, thanks to the kush-infused fragrances from perfumers like Mark Crames of Demeter Fragrances, who first developed a cannabis flower scent for Sephora back in the 2000s. There are many other topicals producers today selling other perfume and cologne interpretations of the cannabis scent, which one expert aptly described as “like drinking lemonade with your pet skunk in the middle of a pinyon pine forest as newly baled hay cures in a neighboring field.”

10. Puff IT Vaporizer Disguised as Inhaler

12 Innovative Cannabis Products: A Whole New World of Weed

Cannabis may be well on its way to normalization, but there are still many settings and situations in which a little discretion goes a long way. That’s why stealth pipes, vaporizers, and transport systems that allow users to carry or smoke cannabis covertly are still taking off. These products take the form of everything from credit cards and belt buckles to bracelets and canned soft drinks. The cleverest, however, has to be the Puff IT portable vaporizer made to resemble an asthmatic inhaler, which sells for $120 in stock.

11. Lords of Cannabis Board Game

12 Innovative Cannabis Products: A Whole New World of Weed

We have drinking games, so why not smoking games? There’s already a solid slate of board games on sale now targeted at stoners seeking a fun way to bond with friends and consume cannabis all in one. Consider the simple but classic dice game of Zonk in which you toke for every 1,000 points earned, the card-drawing dares of THC the Game, and the cutthroat competition of strategy-based games like Weedopoly and Lords of Cannabis, with Settlers of Catan-esque objective of beating out other players and avoid the cops and mafia to conquer the cannabis market.

12. The Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed

12 Innovative Cannabis Products: A Whole New World of Weed

Finally, there’s a better way to learn about cannabis than reading through online blog articles (jk, please keep reading). This perfectly-legal guide available for purchase through Amazon offers interesting tidbits shedding light on more than 4,000 years of cannabis history in just 22 pages, 20 of which have scratch-and-sniff scents to make the learning process that much more immersive.

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