3C Coast: Canoga Park’s Finest


  • Instagram: @3c.coast
  • Twitter: @3cCoast
  • Website: 3ccoast.com
  • Address: 7127 Canoga Ave., Canoga Park, CA 91303
  • Store Hours: MAIN — Sun-Thurs 9AM – 7:45PM | Fri-Sat 9AM – 9:45PM | EXPRESS BAY — 6:45AM – 9:45PM

3C Coast – Canoga Park, CA

Coast to Coast Collective (soon to be known as 3C Coast / Canoga) –  as well as its sister store Cannabal City Collective (soon to be known as 3C Coast / DTLA) – is managed by a team of cannabis industry veterans. CEO Chris Malcolm also oversees the 3C Farms grow operation, allowing the storefront to be “100 percent vertically integrated” from cultivation to distribution to retail. Malcolm also serves as an executive board member on the United Cannabis Business Association. President and “Master Grower” Bryan Schwartz happens to be the brother-in-law of Josh Del Rosso, the legendary OG Kush propagator. His brother, COO Corey Schwartz, manages 3C Coast and waxes nostalgic about the teenage days when Bryan grew plants on the windowsill of his childhood bedroom.

3C Coast - Canoga Park, CAThe Place

The West Valley’s premier retail cannabis outlet, 3C sits pretty in its centrally located storefront nestled between discount tire stores and body shops. With two reception areas, it aims to provide convenient, one-stop shopping for all possible cannabis needs. While the main room of the store doesn’t open until 9AM, early birds and commuters can still find anything they need at the “Express Bay” which opens at 6:45 AM daily in the reception area adjacent to the rear parking lot. Although the company has expanded their cultivation efforts to a larger facility in Sun Valley, the shop still operates nine onsite grow rooms, one of which can be seen by customers through a display window in the main room.

3C Coast - Canoga Park, CAThe Product

As a pupil of Josh D, no one should be surprised that Schwartz keeps the shop stocked with strains derived from OG Kush. Under the “3C” label, the store provides more than a dozen strains of their in-house flower on any given day. While as of now 3C Farms only offers premium flower and pre-rolls, they are currently in the process of establishing lines of vapor cartridges and edibles to be manufactured at their Sun Valley facility. For now, 3C Coast offers more than 2,000 unique products from dozens of third-party vendors to sate their customers’ appetites for edibles, extracts and more.

3C Coast - Canoga Park, CA“[Schwartz] waxes nostalgic about the teenage days when Bryan grew plants on the windowsill of his childhood bedroom.”