5 Popular CBD Products Currently Trending on the Market

Demand for CBD is currently at an all-time high. With CBD in popular demand, many new companies are starting up, and new products are being developed to keep up with demand. CBD oils and tinctures have been the mainstay in the industry for years, but the growth in the industry has allowed for the development of new, innovative CBD products designed to meet the needs of this growing customer base.

From CBD-infused drinks to personal care products, CBD is quickly becoming part of many people’s lives due to its rumoured natural health benefits and multiple uses.

Here are five popular CBD products in the market today:

1. CBD Coffee

Drinks infused with CBD extracts are some the most popular hemp products on the market today. Upscale and trendy coffee shops across the country are adding CBD-infused coffee to their menus. CBD naturally takes the edge off your average cup of joe, giving you a boost of energy with no jitters or crash.

If your local coffee shops do not offer CBD coffee, have no fear. You can find ready to brew CBD coffee online, so you can brew it from the comfort of your own home saving you time, miles and money.

2. CBD Beer

With the growth of the craft beer market in the last few years, it is no surprise that CBD beer is now a favorite item in hip bars and local breweries. These hemp flavored drinks have become the go-to option in cities where marijuana or marijuana-infused alcohol is illegal.

How does CBD beer make you feel? Since CBD has no psychoactive effects, CBD has no additional impact on the intoxicating properties of alcohol. CBD-infused beer is just like any other beer infused with plant extracts.

3. CBD Edibles

Not a fan of hemp-derived flavors? You are not alone. CBD edibles, particularly CBD gummies, have proven to be a favorite among users for years. Their fruity taste makes them the perfect option for those with a sweet tooth or new users who prefer a more familiar method to take their daily dose of CBD.

4. CBD Beauty and Personal Products

Not only can CBD help you feel good on the inside, but CBD products can also help you look your best. Due to alleged anti-inflammatory properties, CBD may reduce skin inflammation that causes acne, irritation, and other conditions.

In addition to CBD skin creams, other popular CBD beauty products include CBD-infused deodorant, face cream, makeup, shampoo, and even bath bombs. Personal products, like CBD lubricants and suppositories, are also increasing in popularity.

5. CBD and Recovery Treatments

Thanks to its alleged powerful pain-relieving benefits, CBD is now an increasingly popular supplement in the fitness industry. CBD may provide fast muscle and joint relief after demanding workouts making CBD creams a must have item for those with a dedicated exercise routine. Even professional athletes, like UFC Champion TJ Dillashaw, rely on CBD for their daily regimens.

The Future of CBD Products

When it comes to CBD, the possibilities are almost endless. Its impressive versatility gives CBD an edge over other supplements, and companies in every field are taking full advantage of that. With an expected market value of $22 billion by 2022, expect to see a whole new wave of CBD products coming our way.  The CBD revolution is just beginning!



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