Item 9 Lab’s Afghan Kush

In Good Times and Good Health


  • Test Results: 80.13% THC
  • Tested By: Desert Valley Testing |
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  • Instagram: @item_9_labs
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Afghan Kush by Item 9 Labs

After a long day, I reach for my 500mg Afghan Kush Vape Pen from Item 9 Labs, admire the amber oil within, and give it a long, steady pull. A rich plume of sweet and savory terpenes fills my lungs, tasting of flowery earth and dark chocolate.

Its heady effects grip me immediately. My lids lower as the sensation settles behind my eyes and makes my face go numb. My mental mania seems to smooth out as the cerebral influence of the concentrate takes hold, relaxing me.

I take a few more deep pulls and let the creamy vapor spill into my muscle tissue, releasing the pain in my neck and shoulder. Rapid euphoric relief meets my anxiety and stress, as a blissful world of positivity comes into view. Relaxation vibrates from my very core, and for the next few hours, I am comfortable as I melt into the couch. After a while, I discover my appetite in the kitchen before getting a long night of much-needed rest.

Afghan Kush by Item 9 Labs

Available At…

  1. Curaleaf – AZ Midtown: 2918 N Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85012
  2. Emerald Dispensary – Phoenix: 4244 W Dunlap Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85051
  3. Local Joint: 4201 E University Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85034

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