Animal Face #4

A Wildly Satisfying Strain


  • Test Results: 28.45% THC
  • Tested By: Arizona Analytical
  • Produced By: Phoenix Cannabis Co
  • Provided By: Nature’s Medicines Phoenix
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @naturesazmeds

Animal Face #4

Face Off OG and Animal Mints gave rise to Animal Face, a sativa-dominant strain with surprising potency and a long lineage of Cali genetics. Aromas of sweet jet fuel and cotton candy swirl from the bulky, dense nugs as I pull them from the jar. Mossy green leaves sewn with dark orange hairs break apart with ease as I prepare for an evening session. The first bowl of diesel-y smoke goes down smooth, packed with distinct flavors of bright lime and earthy chocolate.

By the second bowl, my face goes completely numb. My thought process slows as the cerebral sedative penetrates my brain, settling just behind my eyes. Minutes later my muscles give in to relief, leaving me feeling mellow and somewhat functional. At the end of my session I’m not very talkative, but feel fully relaxed—and a bit hungry. Hours later I hit the hay, and after a satisfying night’s sleep I wake up rested and ready for another day.

Animal Face #4 by Nature Med AZ
Animal Face #4 by Nature Med AZ