A post-apocalyptic train yard where Mad Max melded with Steam Punk, is where the 2018  Oregon DOPE Cup awards party took place. DOPE Cup is an annual cannabis competition that provides the industry with a science-based technical judging process, traditionally announcing the winners during an evening of cannabis entertainment. Hundreds of cannabis fans and competitors alike took to the foggy, rainy night in search of the Staver Locomotive site in NW Portland. Party attendees were ready to embrace the spirit of cannabis and celebrate the end of the world.

I was beckoned to the ganja grounds by the sounds of The Notorious B.I.G.’s Big Poppa and welcomed by The Walking Beast, an AT-AT Walker metal beast looking thang, that had fire shooting machine guns … that shot actual fire! As a blood born pyromaniac, every time I heard the sounds of shooting, I ran to The Walking Beast to watch and screamed in celebration!

Train tracks circled in and out and around tents and cesspools. Juxtaposed with the dirty end-of-the-world feel, were Ozzy and Harriet white picket fences, shining brightly in the dark night. Metal statues were scattered about, with burning fires inside them and people huddled around the statues for warmth while enjoying smoking their preferred BYOC.

Ionic, distributor of luxury, small-batch cannabis oil and concentrates, was the Title Sponsor of this year’s event and had people lining up to win an assortment of free goodies just for signing up on Instagram. DaBooth was onsite with hats, costumes and a blood spattered box to crawl in for ghoulish fantasy photographs.

Entertainment over the evening was never ending. Ghostface Killah of Wu-Tang Clan took the mainstage as the headliner at one point, but there was amusement everywhere you looked. There was a sexy, post-apocalyptic woman clad in a fur bikini and donning stilts. With a three bladed axe spear walking about posing intermittently for pictures, she was definitely a sight to see. A wife-beater, tank top wearing juggler wearing a gas mask took the stage for a while. The VIP room had hanging gas masks attached to bongs and a bowl of wet wipes for those with germophobic tendencies. A nice touch to keep things clean and sanitary.

Some industry professionals took their costumes to another level by coordinating. Daylan, an employee of Nectar in Tillamook, drove over with five friends, all dressed as Waldo. Their idea was if they got separated or lost they could just ask someone, “Where’s Waldo? Have you seen him?” Vanessa, a budtender at the Portland Pot Shop and Fernando, a grower for Au Courant Gardens, both dressed up as characters from Fallout.

The always lit Competitor’s Lounge boasted some serious cannabis experts and our friends from GT Kombucha were there to hand out complimentary kombucha straight from the tap. Delicious and nutritious!

Some of DOPE’s incredible Supporting Sponsors were in a tent adjacent to the Staver building with branded pop-up tents to shelter guests from the rainy Portland evening. We were lucky to have an incredible vendor village this year where 18 vendors from across Oregon showed up to display their wares and mingle with guests—growers, producers and distributors were there in full force.

The evening was an opportunity to recognize the amazing cannabis industry, but it was also about cannabis folks having a good time. Whether dressed as a flesh-rotting zombie, smoking a joint by the fires outside or as a spooky witch enjoying a torched s’more provided by the team from Incredibles in the tents, I can say that everyone was having an amazing time. Until next year Oregon!

Special thanks to Jim Belushi who graciously presented the last five awards of the evening. It was a treat to have Jim Belushi at the 2018 DOPE Cup Oregon!

Title Sponsor: Ionic

Competition Partners: