And the winners are...

Topicals, Capsules and Sublinguals
Best Topical
RUNNER UP: Green Revolution – Solace

WINNER: Verdelux – Salvation A Cannabis Topical

Best Capsule or Pill
RUNNER UP: Green Revolution – Mojjos

WINNER: Essence – Essence Cannabis Sativa Tablets

Best Sublingual
RUNNER UP: Drift Sublingual – Calm Cinnamon

WINNER: Fairwinds – Lifestyle Sativa

Best CBD Edible
RUNNER UP: Craft Elixirs – Pioneer Squares Pineapple Crush

WINNER: Verdelux – Pink Sapphire

Best Drink
RUNNER UP: ‘Olala – Fruit Punch 10mg

WINNER: ‘Olala – Honeydew Melon 10mg

Best Savory Edible
RUNNER UP: Baked Blvd. – Sky High Ranch

WINNER: Journeyman – 100mg Couch Potatoes Chocolates

Best Sweet Edible
RUNNER UP: Wave Edibles – Sea Turtle

WINNER: Craft Elixirs – Pioneer Squares Pink Lemonade

Best Vape Cartridge
RUNNER UP: Smokey Point Productions – Smokey Point Vape Cartridge

WINNER: Canna Organix – Canna Whupass-Blackberry Kush (Sour Diesel- Strain-Terpene Profile)

Best CBD Distillate
RUNNER UP: Solstice – Sour Tsunami

WINNER: Doctor and Crook – ACDC

Best CBD Oil
RUNNER UP: Optimum Extracts – Medi-Haze “C02 Extraction”

WINNER: Optimum Extracts – Renegade RX “C02 Extraction”

Most Potent CBD Oil
RUNNER UP: Optimum Extracts – Remedy “C02 Extraction”

WINNER: Optimum Extracts – Medi-Haze “C02 Extraction”

Best CBD Shatter/Taffy
RUNNER UP: Pacific Northwest Growers – Sour Tsunami

WINNER: Rogue Raven Farms – AVI Shatter

Best CBD Live Resin
RUNNER UP: Oleum Extracts – Firetonic CBD Live Resin

WINNER: Olala – CBD Dream

Most Potent CBD Live Resin
RUNNER UP: Olala – CBD Dream

WINNER: Solstice – Shurman

Best CBD Isolate
RUNNER UP: Dank Czar – Lemon Diesel CBD Isolate

WINNER: Canna Organix – CBD Crystalline

Most Potent CBD Isolate
RUNNER UP: Dabstract – Pearl CBD Crystalline

WINNER: Canna Organix – CBD Crystalline

Best THC Distillate
RUNNER UP: Doctor and Crook – Dutch Chocolate

WINNER: Dabstract – THC Distillate

Best THC Oil
RUNNER UP: Rogue Raven Farms – Mint Gelato Qwiksand

WINNER: ‘Olala – Mr. Tusk Fresh Flower Oil

Best THC Wax/Budder
RUNNER UP: Dabstract – Tropicanna Cookies Cake Icing

WINNER: Royal Oil – Skunk #1 X Super Lemon Haze

Best THC Shatter/Taffy
RUNNER UP: Millenium Extracts – Dutch Treat

WINNER: RSOGO – Ghost Train Haze

Best THC Hashish
RUNNER UP: Pacific NW Roots – Yamaka

WINNER: Pacific NW Roots – Koffee

Best THC Rosin
RUNNER UP: Gold Leaf Gardens – Koloa Sunrise Hash Rosin

WINNER: Gabriel – Sunny G

Best THC Live Resin
RUNNER UP: Dabstract – Sour Cherry Pie Live Resin Gems N Juice

WINNER: Dabstract – Strawberry Banana Live Resin Opal Sugar

Best THC Isolate
RUNNER UP: Dabstract – Gods Gift THCa Crystalline

WINNER: Oleum Extracts – THCA Wizard Stones

Best Pre-Roll
RUNNER UP: The Virginia Company – Kosher Kush

WINNER: DogHouse Supreme Cannabis – Tangieland #5

Best Infused Pre-Roll
RUNNER UP: Oleum Extracts – Purple Punch Crystalline Cone

WINNER: Phat Panda – Tropicanna Firecracker

Best Indoor Grown Hybrid Flower
RUNNER UP: NW Nectar – Galactic Glue/Grease Monkey

WINNER: Freddy’s Fuego – LA Cookies

Best Indoor Grown Indica Dominant Flower
RUNNER UP: Gabriel – Sherbert

WINNER: Millennium Green – Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

Best Indoor Grown Sativa Dominant Flower
RUNNER UP: North Coast Growers – Super Silver Haze

WINNER: House of Cultivar – Strawberry Shortcake

Best Sun-Grown Hybrid Flower
RUNNER UP: Canna Organix – Gelato

WINNER: Lazy Bee Gardens – Jack of Spades

Best Sun-Grown Indica Dominant Flower
RUNNER UP: Lazy Bee Gardens – Grandma Andersons Cookies

WINNER: Canna Organix – Dos-si-dos

Best Sun-Grown Sativa Dominant Flower
RUNNER UP: Grass Valley – Where’s My Bike?

WINNER: Lazy Bee Gardens – Tesla Tower

Best CBD Flower
RUNNER UP: Liberty Reach – Canna-Tsu

WINNER: Solstice – Shurman

Most Potent CBD Flower
RUNNER UP: Tikun – Avidekel

WINNER: Liberty Reach – Canna-Tsu

Best Terpene Profile
RUNNER UP: Dank Czar – Lili’Koi

WINNER: Liberty Reach – Tropicanna Cookies

Most Potent Flower
RUNNER UP: Phat Panda – Trophy Wife

WINNER: Phat Panda – GMO

NOTE:  Corrected winners have been updated as of August 31, 2018 for the following categories; CBD Flower, CBD Isolate, CBD Oil, and CBD Live Resin.

The DOPE Cup

The Washington state edition of this year’s DOPE Cup took place amidst the ambling crowds and smoky waterfront views of Seattle’s 27th Annual Hempfest, the world’s largest yearly gathering advocating cannabis legalization. The DOPE Cup was presented by Ionic at 6 p.m. on the Seeley Black Memorial Stage, decked out with truffula trees and other Dr. Seuss-style art for this year’s theme, “DOPE Land.”

Things started off with a statement from Max Montrose of the Trichome Institute on the credibility of their rigorous and transparent judging process for the awards. It takes weeks for the trained judges to analyze entrants’ products at a microscopic level and evaluate their quality using the same standard operating procedures called TAG (Trichome Assurance Grading).

The logos of event sponsors like Oleum Extracts, Mammoth Labs, Flav, Native Kind, Fairwinds and Evergreen Herbal cycled through the display screens as DOPE Magazine co-founder David Tran began calling out each awards’ first runner-up and winner. After each announcement, the ecstatic representatives of the winning company had their chance to accept their DOPE Cup and pose for onstage photos.

With more than 30 categories ranging from Best CBD Oil to Best Pre-Roll, there were a lot of winners, but the biggest ones included Olala Edibles—who won for best drink, best THC oil and best CBD live resin—and Phat Panda—who won best infused pre-roll, both slots for most potent flower, and several other honors for their Dabstract distillates.

Thank you to everyone who competed in this year’s DOPE Cup Washington and all the attendees who were a part of the very first DOPE Land weekend at Hempfest.


Golden Ticket Party

August 18 marked DOPE Magazine’s seventh birthday, and the line for the corresponding celebration stretched halfway down the block. Guests filtered into the Golden Ticket Party (GTP) at Block 41 in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood beginning at 9 p.m. Each guest received a drink token while passing a beautiful display of DOPE issue covers spanning the years from its founding to present before entering the spacious, industrial-chic downstairs area.


Here, guest could lounge in funky furniture holding current issues of DOPE along with other goodies from GTP sponsors like Ionic, Tokem, Lexaria Bioscience, Vitalis Extracts, Dutch Valley Farms and Phat Panda. A spacious outdoor area allowed attendees to mingle with their peers. No doubt, new friendships were made and old friendships rekindled at this incredible event.

After visiting the bars and iPad-enabled photo booth, the first thing to draw one’s attention was the fully-stocked munchie table, where dozens of jars containing jellybeans, pretzels, gummy bears and other candies sat beneath a pegboard wall displaying about every kind of cake donut imaginable. Needless to say, these munchies went rather fast.


DOPE’s birthday cakes, on the other hand, were purely for show. Heading upstairs, one could just admire the towers of pristine white buttercream frosting emblazoned with hemp leaves and the DOPE logo, beside a brick wall projected with a highlight reel of the magazine’s history.

The projection continued behind the second-story dance floor, which grew steadily in popularity as the night went on thanks to the sounds of DJ Anthem and the duo Oleski. The same could be said for the outdoor patio, where guests could be found at any given point in the night enjoying the party with their peers and soaking in the ambiance of the night air.

Some GTP guests were dressed in their finest cocktail party attire, while others were more casual, having clearly just migrated over from Seattle Hempfest—some with newly-minted DOPE Cup trophies in hand.

Its hard to imagine the humble beginnings of DOPE Magazine launching at Seattle Hempfest just a short 7 years ago to what it has become today – but witnessing nearly a thousand people turnout for the annual celebration shows the impact they have had on the budding cannabis industry. Happy 7th birthday DOPE, and here’s to many more!

Learn more about the TAG Judging process here.