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Madea Goes to the Democratic Debate

In the last twenty years, Tyler Perry has written, directed, produced or starred in thirty films, forty stage productions, and ninety…
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Democratic Debates Gone Wild

Tuesday night’s debate on NBC, the sixth of the race, was easily the strangest one so far. There were twelve…
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The Democratic Primary Debates Keep Getting Worse

Much has happened since the Democratic primary debates in July, and it’s been mostly beneficial developments. Despite this, these debates…
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Wednesday’s Debates Were About Taking On ‘the Man’

There are already many headlines about Democrats attacking each other Wednesday night, and even though there were plenty of similar…
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The Democratic Debate Separated the Bud from the Stems

Tuesday night’s Democratic debate was a garish, depressing and ugly event, and if you missed it for a much more…
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Thursday’s Democratic Primary Was a Debacle

Thursday night was the 2020 Democratic primary main event, so instead of having only one candidate polling above ten percent…
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The First Democratic Primary Debate Was Not DOPE

Various writers and pundits have already started comparing the 2020 Democratic primary to the 1972 Democratic primary famously covered by…
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Cannabis Under Japan’s “Zero Tolerance” Policy

“It’s not something I ever talk about with other Japanese people,” Takeshi tells me, wiping his hands on his bartender’s…