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Queen Felony Misdemeanor

From promoting cannabis and safe sex in his drag to working at Planned Parenthood and supporting local cannabis companies, Felony…

Bubba’s Relief: The Clinic’s CBD-Heavy Pod Brings Serious Relief

Bubba’s Relief by The Clinic My first puff of Bubba’s Relief confirmed that the pod offers exactly what I want…

Mushrooms are Decriminalized … Now What?

Whether it’s jealous psychonauts in other states and cities or conservatives who were already judging Denver for its plethora of…

Beam Me Up

Lightspeed travel and cryo-pods may still be a thing of the future, but jets, bullet trains and smartphones are very…

Faro Cannabis Kitchen: Bringing Equality to the Table

All-too-often businesses in the cannabis industry claim to be intersectional or inclusive but fall short because their staff members are…

Safeguarding Psilocybin with Decriminalize Denver

Although Colorado has legalized cannabis, and its capital is known for being extremely welcoming of the plant, for those behind…

Flow Kana: How Sun-Grown Cannabis is Changing the Face of Sustainability

Flow Kana – Emerald Triangle, CA Despite the breathtaking beauty that is the landscape of the Humboldt, Trinity and Mendocino…