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Purple Punch: Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purps Pack a Mean Punch!

Purple Punch by Loudpack Loudpack’s Purple Punch released a skunky aroma upon opening the glass jar. More green than purple…

Create: Stimulating Ultra-Premium Oil Cartridge

Create Ultra-Premium Oil Cartridge by Canndescent Although not labeled a sativa, Canndescent’s Create oil cartridge left me feeling energetic. As…

Pineapple Express: Kushy Punch’s Strain-Specific Cartridges

Pineapple Express Cartridge by Kushy Punch Kushy Punch’s cartridges last up to 300 puffs or more and contain no harmful…

Moto Perpetuo Farm: Where Sustainability Is Key

Oregon’s Moto Perpetuo Farm prides itself in organic farming, not only of cannabis but of produce. “We operate two locations,…

Grand Daddy Purple: Kushy Punch’s Strain-Specific Cartridges

Grand Daddy Purple Indica Cartridge by Kushy Punch Kushy Punch’s cartridges can last up to 300 puffs or more and…

Banana OG: The Ultimate Mellow Yellow

Banana OG by Loudpack I found Loudpack’s Banana OG to smell wonderfully skunky and creamy, sporting buds that are frosty,…

Triple Seven: Massive, Innovative Grow in DTLA

Triple Seven – Los Angeles, CA Located in downtown Los Angeles, Triple Seven is operating one of the most massive indoor cannabis…

SolDaze Mango Bites: Tasty Treats from Compassionate Company

Tropical Mango Fruit Bites by SolDaze Snacks One taste of SolDaze Snacks’ Tropical Mango Fruit Bites and it becomes clear…

DOPE Interviews | Mac Sabbath

Mention the term heavy metal, and there’s one thing that all headbangers, stoners, music critics, and even musicians themselves universally…