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Green Crack: The ‘Secret Weapon’ Strain

Green Crack Cartridge by Bullet Concentrates By far one of my absolute favorite sativas, Green Crack delivers a notoriously powerful…
Concentrate Reviews

Dark Chocolate Honeycomb

Dark Chocolate Honeycomb Concentrate by Cannavative While certainly no stranger to the joys of cannabis in nearly every consumable form,…

Green Life Productions’ Travel Joint: A Potent Kick in the Pants

Let's get something out of the way first and foremost: Travel Joint is an awesome strain. From Nevada-based Green Life…

Purple Monkey: Let’s Calm the Crazy with Green and Gold Supply Co.

Test Results: 21.96% THC | .06% CBD | Indica | Tested By: Ace Analytical Purple Monkey Las Vegas-based Green and…

L’Orange by Cannabiotix: A Fresh-Squeezed Strain

The strain artisans at Polaris Wellness crafted Killa Gorilla on a whim, wanting to give a familiar strain a little…
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Getting High for the Gym: Does it Actually Work Out?

Getting Baked & Making Gains At The Gym Anyone who works out on a regular basis may sometimes find themselves…
Concentrate Reviews

Ease Into Energy: Invigorating Durban Poison

Named after its genesis, South Africa’s Port of Durban, Durban Poison is an accomplished sativa with a lemon-smooth tingle that…

Khalifa Kush: Young, Wild and Free

This citrusy morning hybrid offers a playful, cerebral buzz, giving just enough of an energetic boost to remain...