Bruce Kennedy

Bruce is an award-winning communications professional and multi-media journalist who has years of experience in nearly all aspects of international and business news. He’s been covering the legal cannabis industry since 2010, and has written for a wide variety of U.S. and international news outlets.

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Texas Veterans for Medical Marijuana (TXVMMJ)

TXVMMJ’s Mission “To educate veterans, legislators, the media and the public about how cannabis is effective medicine for PTSD, chronic…

Cannabis on Cape Cod: A Fledgling Industry

For the moment, the Triple M medical cannabis facility in Mashpee, Massachusetts is the only cannabis dispensary on Cape Cod.…
Law & Politics

From Speakeasies to Smoke-Easies

Even though recreational cannabis use in New York state and therefore New York City still remains illegal, the Big Apple’s…

From Soil to Oil

Not that long ago two of the most common ways for cannabis consumers to enjoy their weed was by either…
Health & Wellness

A Personal Cannabis and PTSD Journey

An image stays with me, 30 years on, of a chaotic nighttime scene in Beijing: yelling, explosions and the silhouettes…

Just How Green is Your Cannabis?

The majority of Americans are now living in states where cannabis is legal in some form. And with more states…

Good for What Ails Us?

There’s a struggle underway — in laboratories, corporate executive suites, doctor’s offices, patients’ homes and some retail stores — to…
Law & Politics

Just How Green is Your Cannabis?

Our first long-form investigation looks at the ecological impact of legal cannabis cultivation. Pro-legalization advocacy groups claimed that licensed recreational…