Gianna Spangler

Gianna Spangler is a cannabis activist, deadhead, and purveyor of good vibes. Her articles are focused upon permeating love, respect, and empathy with her fellow earthlings. She enthuses about every ounce of legalization effort - from India to New York - pushing content that echoes her rally cry of legalization. She would love to see cannabis de-scheduled in the United States within the next decade, and believes knowledge and research to be the key to achieving this victory. In addition to writing for DOPE Magazine, Gianna writes fiction and is currently working on a Novel that dives into the perspectives of five people who have all been touched by loss in unique ways. The purpose of the novel is to share a blueprint for dealing with disappointment, pain, regret, and death by utilizing gratitude for existence and for the people who remain in one’s life.

Author's Articles


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Six Weird Stories of Wanderlust

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