Javier Hasse

Javier Hasse is a young Latinx cannabis focused-writer, author of the book “Start Your Own Cannabis Business,” published via Entrepreneur Media. The book hit the #1 Best Seller spot for cannabis categories on Amazon during the week of its release. In addition, Javier writes for a variety of mass media outlets and serves as the Director of Benzinga's Cannabis Newsdesk. He's had more than 4,500 articles published on CNBC, Playboy, Entrepreneur Mag, The Street, High Times, The Houston Chronicle, Leafly, Benzinga, CNN Money, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, MSN Money, Morningstar, Nasdaq, Apple News, Merry Jane, The Fresh Toast, and many others. Find samples of his written work here. Javier is also a published photographer (High Times, Entrepreneur, Yahoo, etc.), a Billboard-topping artist, and a multimedia content producer and host.

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