Shwa Laytart

A California native, Joshua "Shwa" Laytart has been working in the Natural Products Industry for almost twenty years and a cannabis grower and indulger for almost thirty. He was the first employee at Guayaki tea company and then went on to work for 12 years at INDIGENOUS, an organic and fair trade fashion designer. Shwa has also worked as a landscaper, manicurist, masseur, candy maker, chef and ran with the circus. He is currently the Co-Founder and President of the cannabis company, Giggle Therapeutics, alongside his Co-Founder and CEO wife Sugar, who is a DOPE photographer, as well. His love for activism, art, altered states, comedy, cannabis and cuisine can be found threaded throughout his writings. He considers himself more of a storyteller, than a writer and can spin a tale for hours with the right combination of substances.

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