Craft Is The Word: Nothing But Plant Medicine For Patients


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AZ Nectar Farms – Phoenix, AZ

It’s easy to see that AZ Nectar Farms is by cannabis connoisseurs for cannabis connoisseurs. “[We] try to keep everything craft and quality [alongside] designer strains. May yield less, but they’re fire,” says co-owner and master grower Jim Ragsdale, who refuses to use botanically derived terpenes — cannabis-derived only. “Maybe they want to be inconspicuous and not have it smell like cannabis; maybe they want to taste the candy flavoring,” he says. “That’s not what we’re doing, that’s not what we like personally.” Ragsdale offers flower eighths, half-gram cartridges and gram-sized sauce and batter.

AZ Nectar Farms
Chronic Thunder – Courtesy of Jim Ragsdale

The History

Ragsdale and two co-owners started off growing in Mobile Mini pods set up like walk-in fridges. “I figured if I needed to pick up and move to a legal state, I could easily, with those pods,” says Ragdale. They started with eight and now have 53 pods holding 20 plants each, with weekly harvests. Twenty-four years of indoor growing experience readied Ragsdale for legalization. “I told my mom that if it ever became legal, this is what I was going to do, back when she was telling me I shouldn’t be doing it. It’s always been a passion of mine,” says Ragsdale. Nectar was the second licensed grow in Arizona, opening in 2013.

AZ Nectar Farms
GG4 – Courtesy of Jim Ragsdale

The Culture

AZ Nectar Farms doesn’t look like many commercial grow sites. Everything is small-batch, their concentrates are all single strain with intentional exceptions, and their grow and extract teams understand the importance of well-rounded products. “It’s not just that THC number being high that makes you feel a certain way, it’s everything that’s in there,” says Ragsdale. “Our [2019 #1] Errl Cup [winner] Tropicana Skittlz, normally tests between 12 and 15 percent; the one that won tested at 13 percent. That’s something we’re very grateful to use as a teaching moment.”

“It’s not just that THC number being high that makes you feel a certain way, it’s everything that’s in there.”

— Jim Ragsdale, AZ Nectar Farms, co-owner and master grower