Journeyman Berry CBD Jellies

Fruity, Chewy, Vegetarian Gummies


  • Test Results: THC = 1mg per square | CBD = 30mg per pack
  • Tested By: Analytical 360 |
  • Instagram: @lifeisajourneyman
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Berry CBD Jellies by Journeyman

Journeyman makes these sugar-coated jellies without gelatin, so they are not only vegetarian (look it up, dear reader), but also boast a chewy texture not quite as jaw-tiring as typical gummy candies. They taste sweet and berry-like, with no trace of the weed flavor I associate with most edibles — which might be attributable to the high concentration of CBD, compared to THC.

As such, there’s no significant high when the jellies kick in — just a feeling of lightheadedness upon standing up an hour after eating one, followed by several hours of physical and mental relaxation. Not only were my mind and body pleasantly centered while sitting down — as Journeyman’s couch-bearing logo would suggest — I also didn’t mind physical activity or standing in one place thanks to the CBD’s soothing effects.

Berry CBD Jellies by Journeyman

Available At…

  1. Herb(n) Elements: 11013 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98125
  2. Have a Heart – Belltown: 115 Blanchard St., Seattle, WA 98121
  3. The Novel Tree: 1817 130th Ave NE, Ste B, Bellevue, WA 98005

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