Best Replacement for Oil Cartridges

Switch Oil Vapes to Dab Pens Now

In the midst of the controversy surrounding oil vape cartridges, everyone is looking to dab pens and portable dry herb vaporizers as better ways to medicate conveniently and safely. People desperately want to know what is the best replacement for oil cartridges. Dab pens and dry herb vaporizers have emerged as the most convenient ways to vape concentrates safely and discreetly without ingesting many of the potentially dangerous added ingredients.

Everyday on the news people are exposed to the horrors of vaping oil cartridges. While it is difficult to separate the illnesses and deaths related to nicotine versus THC oil and distillates, recently the New York State Department of Health declared that nearly all the illnesses were related to black market THC oil cartridges. However, this claim of e-cigarette innocence may be exaggerated considering Dr. Panagis Galiatsatos from Johns Hopkins told DOPE that most ingredients in e-cigarettes were never tested for safety on human inhalation. Even dispensary cartridges have come into question when a man in Oregon died from lung disease after only vaping THC carts from a dispensary. The verdict is still undecided, especially considering many people have used both.

Now a huge number of people are seeking a more straightforward way to vape in a convenient and discreet way. Many people are turning to dab pens to vape concentrates without unknown ingredients that may cause lung illness. This is a great option considering these devices can be used to vape pure rosin, which is made with just cannabis, heat, and pressure. Rosin is a good choice for people wanting to be sure of the purity of their concentrates. CO2 extracted concentrates or even BHO are also more straightforward than oil cartridges, considering many states require a statement of butane parts per million. Dab pens seem to be the best replacement for oil cartridges. 

You can load your wax into the pen and have more certainty of the ingredients. Just make sure you are using clean dabs, preferably rosin, from a reputable legal dispensary. There are many great dab pens that you can use to dab clean rosin or other wax concentrates. In fact, you can even transform your existing pen into a dab pen with a simple atomizer.

For people that are not into concentrates, portable dry herb vaporizers may be a good option. While vaping dry herb is typically less clean than concentrates, you can at least be sure that you do not have some of the suspected culprit ingredients such as vitamin E acetate and other harmful substances recently found in black market oil vapes. Further, there are several good dry herb vaporizers and many are very convenient and portable.

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