More Cities in California Take Cannabis on the Road

There are Uber and Lyft for human delivery, DoorDash and GrubHub for food delivery, Instacart for grocery delivery and Amazon for delivering everything else. But one thing most people don’t think about for delivery is their cannabis. That is unless you live in California.

The days of waiting in lines to walk through a dispensary could be going away. Davis is just one more city in California that’s focusing on customer convenience and efficiency with cannabis delivery services. It’s a way to allow greater access to cannabis while also relying on the adage, “out of sight, out of mind.”

Davis has placed a hard cap on the number of cannabis storefront retailers they’ll allow in their city—five was decided to be optimal. To get past that limitation, the Davis City Council has begun to approve delivery-only cannabis businesses that don’t fall under the same heading as their storefront counterparts. These delivery-only businesses help the city avoid having retailers next to elementary schools and downtown, while still servicing customers and patients.

So far, two cannabis businesses have been approved for delivery only—The People’s Kush and The Good People Farms—but there may not be many more. Since three to four of the retailers also offer delivery services, the city is talking about capping the number of delivery-only businesses as well.

According to Gloria Partida, the mayor pro tempore of Davis, there’s worry about too many delivery businesses popping up with no way of knowing if they’ll succeed and exactly how they’ll work. “This could really be a way for cannabis businesses to expand and really throw a number,” Partida told The California Aggie, which is something the city doesn’t want.

So, the City Council is talking about issuing a moratorium on delivery-businesses just as they did for retailers. According to Brett Lee, the mayor of Davis, there’s just not a need for too many more cannabis services.

“We haven’t officially issued a moratorium yet, but what we talked about the last meeting was that we have five retail cannabis locations that we approved,” Lee said. “One of them has been opened so far, and I believe three or four of them have a delivery component as well. We have those three to four businesses planning to do delivery — we have now approved three additional delivery-only locations. It’s my sense that we have to see how things go before we keep approving delivery businesses.”

At the point, Davis has decided on a wait-and-see course of action until they have definitive proof that it will all work out.

One thing is for sure, while there’s no knowing how Davis will ultimately handle the cannabis industry, we can rely on the fact that cannabis will be on the road heading to your door soon.

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