Video Premiere: Cannabis Corpse – “Dawn of Weed Possession”

Cannabis prohibition was a total nightmare. Death metal band Cannabis Corpse turn it into a horror movie in the music video for “Dawn of Weed Possession”

The war on drugs was a total nightmare, one that death metal band Cannabis Corpse reimagine as a slick 1980’s horror movie in their music video for “Dawn of Weed Possession,” premiering here!

Cannabis Corpse is a Virginia death metal band with a wicked sense of humor. Their song titles are all puns, connecting classic death metal songs and band names with cannabis culture. Case in point: “Dawn of Weed Possession,” taken from their new record “Nug So Vile,” evokes both the band Immolation, and “None so Vile,” the debut album by Cryptopsy.

Cannabis Corpse’s love of flower is no joke, though. Their dedication to the culture shows in their loving — if demented — album and tee shirt art. Their skills are no joke either. Brothers Josh “HallHammer” Hall and Phil “LandPhil” both totally shred as well as (couch) lock-in on bass and guitar — the latter is a founding member of Municipal Waste.

Death metal band Cannabis Corpse album "Nug So Vile"
Cover Art by Par Olafson

Prohibition is no joke, either. Brutal police enforcement tactics continue to thrust innocent American citizens (disproportionately people of color) into the carceral state’s meat grinder. The “Dawn of Weed Possession” video, directed by David Brodsky, reinterprets these tropes as a lightly comic horror movie pastiche just in time for Halloween, but like all great horror flicks, it hints at an all-too-real fear in the real world.

LandPhil had this to say about the video: “Here it is folks! I am thrilled with how amazing this horror music video came out. I absolutely love what David Brodsky has done with our concept. It has the perfect old school vibe. This is exactly what Cannabis Corpse has tried to achieve since day one, and it has finally come to fruition. Feast your eyes on true stoner terror!”

“Nug So Vile” hits the streets on November 1 via Season of Mist records. Pre-order it here, and follow Cannabis Corpse on Facebook and Twitter.

Joseph Schafer

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