Inside the Grows at Canndescent

Quality In, Quality Out

Take a peek inside the two Desert Hot Springs-based grows of Canndescent, leader in ultra-premium cannabis flower and oil cartridges.

Since 2015, Canndescent has emerged as California’s #1 leader in ultra-premium cannabis flower, pre-rolls, and oil. Based out of Desert Hot Springs, the company recently announced its expansion into three new markets — Nevada, Michigan, and Massachusetts. At a time when increased legal access often means inconsistent, mainstream quality, Canndescent refuses to compromise. Take a tour of their incredible indoor garden grow and outdoor greenhouse grow to see the painstaking efforts driving upwards of 10,000 pounds of highly potent cannabis per year.

Keeping Quality & Consistency a Top Priority

The focus at Canndescent has always been to deliver “virgin cannabis” — a term CEO Adrian Sedlin coined to describe the purest, most high quality cannabis that is virtually untouched by human hands. “We want you to be the first to touch the flower, but this concept is used to describe the care and concern we put into every step.”

The Canndescent cultivation process begins in several small-batch grow rooms, all of which are completely pesticide-free. The cultivators control room conditions “literally down to the square inch,” says Sedlin. To ensure a consistently optimum growing environment, the levels of temperature, humidity, O2 and CO2 are monitored and logged into a database every 60 seconds.

Inside the Grows at Canndescent: Quality In, Quality Out

Once harvested, the whole plants are hung for 60 days as part of the flushing, drying, and curing stage. During this time, the plants are tested for cannabinoids and terpenes. These results determine which signature effect profile — Charge, Create, Connect, Cruise, or Calm — that the plant material will ultimately become. As the plants move into the hand-trimming process, they are each handled exclusively by the stem to ensure the “virgin cannabis” standard.

Canndescent’s effect-based classification system is all about reliability and consistency. “If you buy Calm, we can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be an identical experience every time,” explains Sedlin. This is primarily done with regular focus groups of roughly 100 customers who test each harvest and offer feedback as to whether their experiences accurately match the effect descriptions.

Greener Growing Solutions at Canndescent

Growing cannabis has long been a strain on resources, often forcing cultivators to choose between indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse grows — but Canndescent’s ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions are making strides. Through a proprietary grow method called GREENDOOR, Canndescent takes water-efficiency, energy-efficiency and pesticide-free growing indoors. To power their large-scale grow operation, they’ve installed a 282.6 kilowatt solar system at the Desert Hot Springs facility. Canndescent also reduces their water usage by utilizing a computerized hydroponic water system and forgoes the use of pesticides for an integrated pest management system. 

Inside the Grows at Canndescent: Quality In, Quality Out

The Art of Flower Meets Science

While proving industry leadership in eco-friendly growing techniques, Canndescent is also pioneering a new tissue culture lab at their DHS facility. To ensure consistency, the lab will allow cultivators to store their genetics in a safe, sterile environment. It will also enable cultivators to regain control over the genetics of their crops; giving them the ability to purge pathogens from their plants which can increase yields, potency, and the vigor of crops — ensuring Canndescent’s unrivaled “virgin cannabis” quality.

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