Capital Cannabis Farms

A Willamette Valley Vertically Integrated Cannabis Company


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Capital Cannabis Farm – Willamette Valley, OR

Angelica and Brandon Owens have been together for 14 years and hail from the East Coast. Their love of cannabis resulted in the 2014 formation of their initial recreational cannabis company called Capital Concentrates in the Washington DC area, selling solventless concentrates. The pair then decided to follow their dreams and move to Oregon to further their cannabis brand. The Owens live on-site at their cannabis farm in the Willamette Valley and couldn’t be happier pursuing their true passion, which is growing amazing cannabis for their vertically integrated company, producing high-quality strains and extracts.

The Farm

Capital Cannabis is only two and a half years old but is located on one of the original Willamette Valley Farms that began in the 1950s – the farm initially was used to raise cows, horses, and sheep. The Owens were mindful to carefully design a system that integrates a high-tech indoor greenhouse facility along with environmentally beneficial practices such as a rainwater catch system. All of the plants are grown in coco, and the Owens create their nutrients in-house. They also process their products themselves within steps of where they grow their plants allowing Capital Cannabis complete control over their products from start to finish. In addition to their greenhouses, they also have an outdoor grow which ensures they bring the most well rounded, robust product to market.

Capital Cannabis Farm - Willamette Valley, OR
Courtesy of Capital Cannabis

The Product

Capital Cannabis keeps 40 strains in regular rotation with a continual 12-day harvest cycle. They grow popular classics and are continually on the hunt for new strains to add to their repertoire. The Owens’ goal is to keep people happy by providing proven products while discovering new ways to help people through innovative breeding practices and new genetics. Having recently tried their Sequoia Berry strain myself, I can testify that the way they grow, harvest and produce their cannabis results in a reliable, high-end experience.