The Brothers Apothecary Hemp CBD Teas

Make Tea, Not War


  • Test Results: 62.7mg CBD per serving
  • Tested By: 3B Analytical |
  • Serving Information: One package contains 3 - 4 gram servings
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Hemp CBD Tea by The Brothers Apothecary

Making a decision always presents a challenge for me, so when I received my box of The Brothers Apothecary CBD teas, delivered to my door via the USPS (insert Woohoo here) I was flummoxed! Should I try the Cosmic Cleanse to promote detoxification? The Chai Awakening to promote mental energy? The Buddha’s Berry to promote creativity? In the spirit of indecision, I decided to sacrifice myself for my research and try all three at once! The instructions recommend a cup of boiling water for each tea bag, steeping for 3-5 minutes and adding a fatty ingredient of some sort, like nut, dairy, hemp milk or coconut oil to strengthen the absorption effects of the CBD teas. I also added my Brothers Apothecary Organic Lavender 10mg CBD Honey, because why not? I am now an official tea addict! Go online and order the 8-Pack Variety Box for yourself, there is really no reason to choose just one.

Hemp CBD Tea by The Brothers Apothecary

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