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Self-Care Is In The Air


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I don’t know about you, but I am a total sucker for monthly subscription boxes just like Chakra Love Boxes. There is just something so exciting about getting a package in the mail and having no idea what’s inside – it’s the element of surprise that really gets me going. If you’ve been living here on Earth for the last decade or so, then you’ve likely heard of the monthly subscription trend that’s sweeping the world. You can literally get a subscription for anything these days, from artisanal foods, treats and toys for your furry friends, customized wardrobe essentials, craft beers and wine, and now – CBD and cannabis products for my fellow plant enthusiasts. So, when I learned about Chakra Love’s thoughtfully curated CBD subscription boxes, I had to try one out for myself.

Available in three different sizes – the Luxe, which contains 7-8 mostly full-size items, the Lite containing 5-6 full-size items, and finally, the Mini with up to two full-size items plus extra samples whenever they are available. Each box is curated around a particular chakra and healing intention and is jam-packed with high-quality CBD goods to help you get your self-care on. In addition to the high-end CBD goodies, each box includes bonus art, free downloadable content such as guided meditations and how-to guides, as well as special offers from Chakra Love’s partner brands.

October’s theme – “Move Yo Body” – is all about energizing, releasing and supporting our Sacral Chakras which is so perfect for the transition from summer to fall. The changing of seasons can be tough (especially for those of us here in the PNW – hello summer, please don’t go!), so having a few self-care tools up your sleeve to help as you ease into the new norm can be so helpful, amiright? Since receiving my box in the mail last week, I’ve been snacking, sipping, massaging, soaking, and meditating all my worries away. Seriously, this box was stacked with so much good stuff, and it really lived up to their affirmation of the month, “I allow myself to enjoy life with all of my senses!”

Some of the trusted brands you will find in October’s box include, Kannai, Charis Hemp, Go Basic, Cannabomb, Cheekywell, The Brothers Apothecary and Smokiez, to name a few. Although I thoroughly enjoyed every product that I received in my Chakra Love Luxe Box, I have to say that the happy blend essential oil, blood orange bath bomb and peach gummi combo was the ultimate in relaxation transcendence for me.

Lucky for you, it’s not too late to experience this CBD heaven-in-a-box goodness for yourself. Use code DOPE15 for 15 percent off your purchase of an October box. And if you’re the kind of guy or gal who’s interested in bringing folks together in the name of wellness and self-care, you might consider joining their Chakra Love Affiliate Program to host pop-up parties and help spread the good word.

So, what’s included in the “Move Yo Body” Luxe CBD Box?

Chakra Love Boxes
Photo by Jordan Swenson
  • CBD Massage candle | Kannai
  • CBD full-spectrum 500mg tincture | Charis Hemp
  • CBD blood orange bath bomb | The Cannabomb
  • Pink Passion CBD bath salts | The Cannabomb
  • CBD personal lubricant | Cheekywell
  • CBD Cookie Dough | Go Basic
  • CBD Sensualtea | The Brothers Apothecary
  • CBD Peach Gummies | Smokiez
  • Featured canna-inspired art by Springfield, MO artist/illustrator Jacoby Warlick @notwearinghockeypads on IG
  • Happy Blend Essential oil | Sage & Sweetgrass
  • Bonus content: Downloadable Guided Creative Meditation by Soul Coach & Herbalist, Teri Powell (founder of Sage & Sweetgrass)
  • Partner Bonus: 10% discount off coupon and calendar from Glowing Goddess Getaway 4:20 friendly retreats for women. This is a creative experience to help women reconnect to the cannabis, the earth, others and themselves. They’ll have a Chakra Love Pop Up Shop at all of their future retreats.
  • Partner Bonus: Waffleye, the pot leaf waffle maker, discount coupon and recipe card.

Chakra Love CBD Mini Box: $49 – $59 (+$8 – $10 S&H)

1 Time Purchase: $59.00 (+$10.00 S&H)
3 Month Plan: $49.00 (+$8.00 S&H each recurring box)
6 Month Plan: $49.00 (+$8.00 S&H each recurring box)

 Chakra Love Lite CBD Box: $89 – $99 (+$13 S&H)

1 Time Purchase: $99.00 (+$13.00 S&H)
3 Month Plan: $99.00 (+$13.00 S&H each recurring box)
6 Month Plan: $89.00 (+$13.00 S&H each recurring box)

Chakra Love Luxe CBD Box: $89 – $99 (+$13 S&H)

1 Time Purchase: $150.00 (+15.00 S&H)
3 Month Plan: $150 (+15.00 S&H each recurring box)

6 Month Plan: $135 (+15.00 S&H each recurring box)

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