Forbidden Fruit Cart and MediHaze Tincture

Oakland-Grown Chemistry


  • Forbidden Fruit Cartridge: 67.67% THC
  • MediHaze Tincture: 93mg THC | 168mg CBD | 480mg Total Cannabinoids
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  • Instagram: @trychemistry
  • Twitter: @trychemistry
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Forbidden Fruit Cartridge & MediHaze Tincture by Chemistry

West Oakland’s Chemistry offers full-spectrum cannabis extracts in various forms, including the Forbidden Fruit vape cartridge and MediHaze tincture we sampled. As a brand, Chemistry exudes its human side; the products and aesthetic are clean and simple, while the website and messaging are playful and heartfelt. Nothing but good vibes, even before breaking open the products.

Forbidden Fruit Cartridge

The device itself is a quality CCELL vape battery, nicely weighted and well-heated to provide beautiful plumes of vapor. As expected, I enjoyed a smooth, creamy inhale, tasting non-overpowering herbal, fruity notes. With a lower THC potency than most, Forbidden Fruit delivers a mellow high that’s a bit sleepy; enlightenment followed by couch lock.

I appreciated the in-depth label with information on the measured milligram dosing, along with percentages of the major cannabinoids and terpenes. After enjoying a few hits, I was amused by the online FAQs on how to open its “adult-resistant container”: “TLDR: Pinch and slide.” Duh.

Forbidden Fruit Cartridge & MediHaze Tincture by Chemistry

MediHaze Tincture

The Chemistry MediHaze tincture is one of the best I’ve tried. The easy-to-measure dropper makes dosing a breeze, and the light taste is easy to stomach. The tincture provides clarity and the slightly energizing effect for which MediHaze is known.

Furthermore,I was excited by the tincture FAQs, which lead me to believe thatit may turn pink or purple when exposed to sunlight (and remains safe to consume). Advocating for “Life in Color,” Chemistry’s extracts are rich in hue, and the company educates consumers on cannaflavins—flavonoids unique to cannabis that contribute to itssmell, taste and especially color. Chemistry is running a “don’t fear the flavonoids” campaignto promotethese therapeutic compounds—early research shows that cannaflavin-A may be more powerful than aspirin!

Available At…

  1. California Wellness (SF and Marin Delivery):
  2. Solful: 785 Gravenstein Hwy S, Sebastopol, CA 95472
  3. Magnolia Wellness: 161 Adeline St., Oakland, CA 94607

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