Cherry AK-47: An Arsenal of Flavor


  • Test Results: 23.54% THC
  • Indica/Sativa: Sativa
  • Tested By: Ace Analytical Laboratory
  • Instagram: @ourstateflower
  • Website:

Cherry AK-47 by State Flower Cannabis

When indulging in flower, it is rare and fortunate to be able to consider an experience, as I would call mine with State Flower Cannabis’ Cherry AK-47 , nearly poetic. An uncommon AK-47 phenotype, this flower is laden with a thick mantle of colossal trichomes, buds pigmented by vibrant, spring-green hues and inlaid with amber pistils comparable to marigold petals.

Although this outstandingly sweet strain is predominantly sativa, my body was just as enthralled by the buzz as my mind, and within seconds of the first puff I seamlessly slid into a state of blissful relaxation that I would describe as “euphoric Jell-O.” State Flower cultivates high-quality flower for any state of mind.

Cherry AK-47 by State Flower Cannabis
Cherry AK-47 by State Flower Cannabis

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