Dayglow: The “Second Wind” Effect


  • Test Results: 29.11% THC
  • Tested By: RSR Analytical Laboratories |

Dayglow by Desert Grown Farms

When you first pop off the lid of Desert Grown Farms’ Dayglow, you’re instantly met with a hefty whiff of orange peel and compost heap — the real earthy, skunky kind. This stuff is rich with terpenes and potently pungent.

With nearly 30 percent THC, Dayglow leans more toward a sativa hybrid — a euphoric, heady high rather than a speedy one. High in myrcene, caryophyllene and linalool terpenes, it exhibits a relaxing buzz that hits hard up front—a sensation you wouldn’t normally find in an indica-dominant varietal. However, about 30 minutes after the initial high I felt uplifted, refreshed and ready to power through the evening — a “second wind,” if you will.

Dayglow by Desert Grown Farms

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