Deep Cell Industries: Taking Edibles to a New Level

Deep Cell Industries is not a traditional cannabis company, but rather an industry leader in technological innovation. While they innovate solutions outside of the cannabis industry, we took a close look at their work with the cannabis plant. Using Crystal Fusion technology, the company’s patented process, they crystallize cannabinoids from the finest extracts and trap them in a crystal lattice, after which they are fused with food items that we use every day.

Ruby Cannabis Sugar from Deep Cell Industries in action

Specifically, they have mastered the art of combining cannabinoids with two commonly used ingredients: sugar and salt. The results of their work are three brands of cannabis-infused products.

The first is Ruby, a water-soluble sugar made from organic cane sugar and cannabis extract. One teaspoon constitutes a standard dose of THC, so consumers can easily moderate and measure their dosage.

The second product, Sapphire, is highly potent and made from Himalayan salt. Adding just one pinch of Sapphire to a dish will constitute a full dose—so you won’t have to worry about your blood pressure if you want to get a full dose into your meals.

Ruby Cannabis Sugar from Deep Cell Industries

Lastly, their Emerald sweetener is a fusion of CBD and certified organic sugar. With a dosage identical to Ruby’s, this product contains absolutely no calories.

Kelly Ogilvie, CEO and Co-founder of DCI, spoke of the benefits associated with these products, as well as his company’s plans for the future, “With Ruby, we strip all of the terpenes out, so it doesn’t taste like cannabis.” The company’s goal with this line is to share products with the world that are enhanced by the medicinal effects of cannabis, but without the intrusion of the plant’s strong taste and odor. Though tight-lipped about the specifics of Deep Cell’s future plans with cannabis products, he did shed some light on their overall goals. “We want to be able to perfectly tailor the experience for cannabis users. Imagine being able to control exactly how much (THC/CBD) goes into your body,” he shared. Well, we are imagining, but given the caliber of their work so far, we might not have to imagine for long. 

Ruby Cannabis Sugar from Deep Cell Industries

Alex Juliano

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