Dogwalker: Euphoric Delight by Deep Creek Gardens


  • Test Results: 25.61% THC | 0.1% CBD
  • Tested By: ChemHistory |
  • Instagram: @deepcreekgardens

Dogwalker by Deep Creek Gardens

Dogwalker, a Deep Creek Gardens hybrid, combines the old fashioned indica vibes of Albert Walker OG, with the classic sativa strain of Chemdog #4. I honored the name by taking MooShoo, my own mini-canine, for a stroll about my hood after smoking a bowl of the lemony, pungent flower. I found myself meandering to the park by my house, where I happily found a tree to relax under and allowed the warm, euphoric feelings to roll over me. MooShoo obediently took up residency on my chest, all five pounds of his Papillon self, nestled between my boobs, keeping watch for any threats that may come upon us … guard dog protection inspired by Dogwalker second-hand smoke.

Dogwalker by Deep Creek Gardens

Available At…

  1. Cannabend: 3312 N Hwy 97, Bend, OR 97703
  2. Terpene Station – Eugene: 645 River Rd #3, Eugene, OR 97404
  3. Archive – Portland: 10645 SE Henry St Unit B, Portland, OR 97266
  4. Green Box Delivery |

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