Doozies Adult Fruit Chews

Natural, Chilled-Out Effects


  • Test Results: 10mg THC per chew | 2mg CBD per chew | 10 servings per package
  • Tested By: Praxis Laboratory |
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Doozies by Green Revolution

These gummy edibles are flat-out delicious. I enjoyed two flavors, Juicy Peach and Sour Cherry, and in both cases knew immediately they contained real fruit juice before I even checked the ingredient label. Both had a lingering aftertaste somewhere between sweet and tart — perfectly reminiscent of the respective fresh fruits they’re based on — and a chewy (not tough) texture that’s easy on the jaw.

Neither Doozie hit me decisively (which probably says more about my tolerance level than the product itself), but the body and mind-relaxing effects came on gradually over the next 90 minutes. The gummies made for a nice, mild way to end the workweek, with manufacturer Green Revolution’s all-natural, Clean Green Certified bona fides evident from taste alone.

Doozies by Green Revolution

Available At…

  1. Higher Leaf – All Locations
  2. Gallery – All Locations
  3. New Vansterdam: 6515 Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98661

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