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The DOPEst of 2019


Kitty Kitty Bang Bang does ‘70s Glam

Hey DOPE readers! We have Kitty Kitty Bang Bang in the spotlight. This lovely cannabis beauty and plant advocate inspired a trio of Haikus. Each poem represents one scene in the video you’re about to enjoy.

A Kellison Ride
Joy Sticks and a Philco Fridge
Wildside Summer Peach
Leopard and Stockings
Hut Rattan Aquarium
Carved Tiki Glasses
Red Greek Key Bedspread
Strawberry Milk and Sweet Treats
Sleep One Thousand Winks

Spoken Word by Born Poet

Poets are born, not made. In his spoken word performance Born Poet sends chills through us with his poem’s messaging. The verses that resonate through “Regret Less” remind us to bounce back, regroup and rebuild. 4/20 is a celebration – an opportunity to reflect, unwind and as Born Poet would suggest, find your own footprints and follow the tracks…

The Tranimal in his natural habitat

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