DOPE Life | Jay & Silent Bob

For decades, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes have been stoner icons. Whether you’ve been a fan since the release of the 1994 cult classic “Clerks” or a more recent fan of the duo’s work such as their podcast, “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old,” it’s hard to deny the pair’s tenacity and ability to stay in the limelight.

We catch up with Smith and Mewes on a rainy February morning. It’s an uncharacteristically cold day in LA as we settle into our places at the Green Street offices off Wilshire Blvd. While we wait for Mewes, Smith lights up a joint. The back of his shin-skimming jorts sport an embroidered patch, “JNCO.” We all have a playful laugh at Smith’s expense, and he is quick to defend his designer denim making a joke about his trend setting abilities, “I am fulfilling my childhood fantasies at 48,” Smith laughs.



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