DOPE Life | Rylie Maedler

At 13 years young, Rylie Maedler is becoming the vocal medical cannabis advocate that the global cannabis community needs. When she came to visit DOPE headquarters in Seattle from her home state of Delaware, we were blown away – she is a young, graceful and talented woman wise beyond her years.

In 2013, Rylie was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive bone disease of the jaw, AGCG. After hundreds of tests and visits to the doctor, Rylie’s family opted to treat Rylie with cannabis-derived cannabidiol or CBD. The results were astounding. Rylie’s bones started regenerating, her seizures stopped, and she began to get her life back. Today Rylie is the face and brains behind a 501c3 non-profit, Rylie’s Smile Foundation and has been instrumental in passing medical cannabis legislation in Delaware – giving more access to kids and families in need of medical cannabis. Her story is one of courage and perseverance in the face of much push back — the exact kind of cannabis story we need to tell to strengthen our social fabric.


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