Earth’s Healing Dispensary: The Power of Mother Nature

Earth’s Healing – Tucson, AZ

Although Earth’s Healing sits “off the beaten path,” it is without a doubt a destination location. Tucked away in the dusty town of Tucson, this dispensary offers a grade-A experience only matched by its blended selection of top-quality products, including their exclusive selection from their private grow, Earthgrow. The waiting room was impressively spacious and filled with modern décor.

“We’re not just here to clock in…we’re here to serve the community and connect them with the products that will work for them.” -Mike, Earth’s Healing Manager

The receptionist was friendly, and the check-in process was the easiest I’ve experienced. They called my name and before I knew it, I was in front of their remarkable selection on their cozy product floor.

Earth's Healing Arizona DispensaryMike, their manager, doubled as my budtender for the day. Not only was he knowledgeable, he was willing to take as much time with me as needed to answer my questions. “We’re not just here to clock in,” he said, “we’re here to serve the community and connect them with the products that will work for them.” He walked me through their tiered flower selection that contained more than 40 strains, like the diesely-delicious Jet Fuel.

I was then directed to an excellent assortment of concentrates ranging from The Clear, Vapen and their own Earthdabs line. I appreciated the edibles selection, which included some of my favorites: Baked Bros, Sublime and Korova. Finally, I was shown a private area where they limelight their CBD products, including tinctures, topicals, edibles—even dog treats!

The Earthvape selection caught my eye, so I picked up an 800mg cartridge of their Hybrid, solvent-free distillate oil, packed full of natural terpenes, as well as a ½ gram of Earthdabs Tahoe OG Shatter, and I received a free gram of flower with my purchase! It’s no wonder this dispensary is an award-winner; their daily deals, coupled with their outstanding customer service and premier selection, makes this memorable dispensary top-shelf.

Earth's Healing Arizona Dispensary

Location: 2017 E Benson HWY, Tucson, AZ 85714 | (520)373-5779

Store Hours: Sun-Mon: 10am-8am, Tues-Sat: 9am-9pm | Instagram: @earthshealinginc


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