Bake Edibles with Birdie: Get High like a Harrelson

Petite, perky blonde Hannah “Birdie” Harrelson (niece of A-list actor and celebrity stoner Woody Harrelson) stars as a baker (@bakedbybirdie) on her new show entitled Edibles with Birdie, on the PRØHBTD network. Birdie takes viewers on a journey of how to make yummy cannabis-infused baked goods.

From infused apple crumb cake topped with caramel, to espresso-glazed infused donuts, Birdie’s effervescent personality and special guests will have viewers riveted while they follow along in their own kitchens at home while baking edibles with Birdie.

“The good thing about my creations is that they can be infused or not. It’s all butter and sugar, and butter, and more sugar,” Birdie giggles.

As a culinary school drop-out with a pastry background, and extensive experience working in several New York restaurants, Birdie never entirely extinguished her desire to act.

“I could have kept slaving away in kitchens, making very little money,” she says, “but I decided to move to L.A. instead, to try my hand at acting.”

At that restaurant, Birdie describes the quintessential dream of every hopeful, young actor who waits tables in Hollywood.

“I was serving in an upscale restaurant, when I met a producer who was looking to cast an edibles baker. The next thing I knew, the founders of PRØHBTDcame to my restaurant and cast me, while I still was still holding a serving tray in my hand.”

edibles with Birdie Harrelson

Birdie describes starring in her own pretend cooking shows, as a kid with an active imagination. As her childhood fantasies became a reality, Birdie finally found her niche.

“I wanted to pursue the culinary thing, but slaving in the kitchen wasn’t doing it for me. This is the perfect compromise – the marriage of cooking and acting.”

Now firmly entrenched in Los Angeles, the seemingly tireless infuser, who dances around to pop music between takes, is also a new mom to a gorgeous 11-month-old baby boy, with her partner Dani Diamantstein. Diamantstein, incidentally, produces Hall of Flowers, a B2B expo for the cannabis industry. The future looks bright –and sweet– for this 420 power couple.

Her “boys” often pop by the relaxed studio set to watch as Birdie pulls mouth-watering, infused baked goods out of an on-set oven, while sharing anecdotes with her guest stars.

“A la mode, which is ubiquitous on apple pie, was originally designed to go with beef,” she tells her guest star, Molly Peckler, during the filming of an upcoming episode.

Peckler is the Founder of Highly Devoted – a Matchmaking service for members of the cannabis industry and 420 enthusiasts.

Filmed at the PRØHBTDstudios in Los Angeles, Birdie recently completed shooting ten episodes, back to back, for the show’s second season.

As for whether or not her famous uncle will appear, viewers will have to stay tuned. “He is probably too busy filming a blockbuster, franchise flick, but perhaps sometime soon, “ Birdie teases.

In the meantime, with Woody’s infamous reputation as an A-list celebrity stoner, and Birdie’s quickly being solidified as the celeb stoner pastry chef du jour, it’s easy to imagine a fun Thanksgiving in the Harrelson household.

Edibles with Birdie is now available on PRØHBTD.



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