How to Maximize Your Coffee Experience

Enjoy Caffeine Without the Negative Side Effects

Coffee is perhaps our most beloved superfood — full of nutrients, antioxidants and life-giving energy. But depending on the quality or amount consumed, it can also cause jitters, adrenal fatigue, neurotransmitter resistance or long-term receptor damage.

Here’s a guide on how to consume coffee and reap its benefits while avoiding negative side effects. As someone who thought I’d just have to swear off coffee to stay healthy, this was amazing news to me.

The trick: you can have coffee every day for three weeks out of every month, as long as you take a seven to 12 day break to reset your adenosine receptors.

Adenosine is a chemical present in all cells that, when bound to its receptor, makes you feel tired and signals for sleep. Caffeine’s molecule is very similar to adenosine. Caffeine plugs up these receptors, and you don’t feel tired! However, if these adenosine receptors are constantly plugged, more will be created, meaning you’ll need even more caffeine to neutralize them — thus your tolerance keeps increasing.

Undergoing a solid week-long break has been proven to reset those receptors, so you can enjoy daily coffee without increasing tolerance.

My only other concern with coffee is its quality. Depending on the roasting process, the health benefits of coffee can either be enhanced or depleted entirely. Even the highest quality coffee beans can contain cancer-causing acrylamide that many try to roast out of the bean, but roasting at high temperatures often creates other carcinogenic chemicals like Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Most companies think it’s too difficult and expensive to roast coffee beans in a healthy way, and they’ve prioritized profit and taste, not health. What’s worse, coffee beans contain one of the highest pesticide residues in the world, then they sit in barrels and collect mold. I can honestly tell that I feel worse, not energized, when I have cheap bulk coffee — because it’s literally moldy, pesticide-filled dirt water…

Enjoy Caffeine Without the Negative Side Effects

So I look for organic, sustainably-farmed products from companies that care about the integrity of their coffee, not profits. Ideally ones that have their products independently tested for toxins, but not many do that. It’s truly worth the money, and even the most expensive brands boil down to less than $1 a day for your java, rather than a $4 pesticide latte.

To summarize: you’ll avoid neurotransmitter resistance, cash in on health benefits, support small farms, save money and still get to be caffeinated! It always comes back to ebb and flow. Drink coffee, but take a break, too. And don’t load the liver with even more toxins to deal with.

We’ve long known that coffee and cannabis make a beautiful pairing, so it’s no surprise that this market is booming! Here are six ways to enjoy cannabis and coffee…just don’t forget to take a week off the stuff every three weeks.

Infused whole-bean coffee
Freshly ground beans give you the most flavorful cannabis-infused coffee product. Perfect for coffee connoisseurs with high standards; CBD and THC options available.

Cold-brew coffee
The slow, perfect pairing of weed and coffee, ranging from a chill 10mg100mg THC to kick off your day or enjoy by the pool.

Keurig (K-cups)
The convenient way to start your day energized and stoned. Alternatively, high-CBD is available for those waking up tired and in pain.

Mix with tinctures or oil
The traditional method of combining an oil infusion with your coffee. Using a blender is recommended — try “Bulletproof Coffee” style for best texture/frothiness.

Cannabis espresso beans
Dangerously delicious THC-laced beans. Perfect if you want a higher dose of THC, less caffeine or more chocolate.

DIY infused coffee
Boil a mixture of butter, water and weed and brew your coffee like normal. More labor intensive, but you’re able to whip it up on the fly.

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