Flow Formula: All-Natural CBD Capsules for Menstrual Relief


  • Test results: 7.5mg CBD per capsule | 14 capsules per container
  • Tested by: Desert Valley Testing | desertvalleytesting.com
  • Facebook: @hellomaxinemorgan
  • Instagram: @hellomaxinemorgan
  • Website: hellomaxinemorgan.com
  • Price: $18

Flow Formula by Maxine Morgan

I never take over-the-counter medicines, much to the chagrin of my female friends who just want to borrow some damn ibuprofen for menstrual cramps. Now, I can hand them all-natural, vegan-friendly Flow Formula capsules from Maxine Morgan, founded by father-daughter duo Dr. Allen and Ariel Morgan. If you take the recommended dosage of two capsules per day (you can safely take up to four a day, if symptoms persist) you’ll be ingesting 200mg of ginger root, 100mg of turmeric root and 15mg of hemp-derived, CO2-extracted CBD.

I had two pills each day of my cycle with a large glass of water, and it was like pushing the “mute” button on my period. It was all still happening … unfortunately … but the dull pains and aches became almost nonexistent. The CBD is noticeably calming, perfect for putting a tamp down on (or a tamp-on? Sorry!) those typical period rage-thoughts. For those who experience menstrual cycles, this is a must-try!

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