Getting High for the Gym: Does it Actually Work Out?

Getting Baked & Making Gains At The Gym

Anyone who works out on a regular basis may sometimes find themselves in a seemingly endless search for every possible fitness edge. Supplements, infomercial promises and even the all-too-powerful allure of the needle are common choices for someone who doesn’t know any better.

Could weed be the answer?

As a well-known Las Vegas personal trainer, Ryan Diaz is one of a growing number of fitness professionals trying to better understand how marijuana affects the body, particularly in improving one’s gym sessions and overall health goals.

“I’ve noticed a significantly improved mind-to-muscle connection after smoking, which really helps when you need to consciously target specific muscles during an exercise,” Diaz explains. “We also see reduced inflammation, increased appetite for those trying to put on weight, and even a boost in energy to help push your gym session to its limits.”

Pushing your fitness limits is a particularly attractive effect cannabis can bring to a workout, as pre-workouts are often expensive, habit-forming, can lose effectiveness, and you never really know what you’re putting in your body. “I haven’t used a pre-workout in forever,” Diaz says, maxing out the weights on the cable shoulder pull down machine. “Weed does the same thing for me, and it isn’t filled with all those chemicals.”

Getting High At the Gym
Ryan Diaz

Of course, we’re still lacking proper, scientifically-controlled studies on exactly how marijuana affects athletes, but that doesn’t matter to Diaz, who swears by cannabis workouts and personally sees the benefits during and after gym sessions.

Diaz offered to get in a solid training session together and I took him up on it, carrying out his recommended marijuana regimen prior to arriving at the gym. We smoked L’Orange then waited around for 30 minutes to maximize the strain’s effects.

Through a combination of Diaz’s guidance (and being several hits deep on an excellent strain), my workout was noticeably different than normal. Specifically, the mind-to-muscle connection Diaz swore by. Throughout any exercise, that ‘tunnel vision’ you often get while smoking helped me become hyper-focused on following and feeling Diaz’s instructions exactly.

And, for the first time ever, I noticed a fair number of people partaking in their cars in the gym’s parking lot. Is word about cannabis workouts getting out? Dope!

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