Hope’s Cookies: Remixing a Royal Favorite


  • Test Results: 27.64% THC
  • Tested by: Desert Valley Testing | desertvalleytesting.com
  • Instagram: @royalchoicefarms
  • Website: royalchoicefarms.com

Hope’s Cookies by Royal Choice Farms

Think of Hope’s Cookies as an old favorite, just … remixed. It’s a Chem Cookies phenotype, crossed with Chem 91 and Reserve OG, and then again with GSC. With fewer Punnett squares and more poetry, its orange stigma and two-toned, loosely-held structure reminds me of big, curly hair covered in glitter on a humid summer day. Past its sparkly good looks, the aroma is mossy but not grassy — an almost cleaned-up funk — and its light vapor packs a piney bite. When I smoked Hope’s Cookies, I felt an immediate surge in both parietal lobes, with pressure behind the eyebrows, increased sensitivity to sounds and a calm (but not overly relaxed) body feeling.

Hope's Cookies by Royal Choice Farms

Available At…

  1. Harvest of Tucson: 2734 E Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ 85716
  2. GREENPHARMS Dispensary Flagstaff: 7121 N Highway 89A, Flagstaff, AZ86004
  3. Zen Dispensary: 46639 N Black Canyon Hwy #1, New River, AZ 85087