In Depth with NanaBcool

Elevating the Musical Process


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Cannabis elevates music, and in so many ways. Nana Boamah, stage name NanaBcool, has been making it his life’s passion to elevate listeners with his music. Ever since his childhood Boamah has been immersed in music, Boamah and his siblings were all taught piano by their father at a young age. “We are from Ghana, and my family is very traditional with their values, school, kids and music, but I always knew there was something more than that. Especially with music. I wanted to learn how to [create] music really well, and make it something to live on. I want to do that still, make this more than just a side hustle.”

As many of us did, Boamah dipped his toes in cannabis culture by “smoking weed with my homies, watching documentaries. It just made my mind free, made me recognize my own emotions and how they were affecting me,” shares Boamah. Boamah shaped these truths to his music, using modern politics as a mouthpiece for artistic outlet. “[The track] Neil Armstrong is especially about weed, yeah, it’s about 2016 and how people have woken up to their country. It started as a chant I made up in college, a great hook from this dorm I was living in. But years later, I was in the recording studio and the way that the guitar was going, it made the recording come out a certain way. Who would have thought the in between for this song about awakening [would come] together after ten years?”

In Depth with NanaBcool

While the wheels of change churn, the music must go on. Boamah follows his flow, using cannabis to both create and perform his music. “Honestly I don’t even know what the process looks like, you know? I’m there, living it. Hanging out, writing verses as they come, and whenever possible I call up my producer and get to the studio to record,” asserts Boamah.

His hard work is paying off. Boamah continues to create new works while gaining traction. “[It] really feels like since the release of my debut album, Ice Tea (April 19 aka 4/20 Eve), people have just been relating to the art I’m portraying. I feel like I’m being genuinely recognized for my music, and that’s all I could want,” Boamah says signing off.

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