Ionic’s White Distillate Cartridge

A Discreet Connoisseur's Best Friend


  • Test Results: 73.45% THC | 0.28% CBD
  • Tested By: Praxis Lab |
  • Facebook: @ionicsocial
  • Instagram: @ionicsocial
  • Twitter: @IonicSocial
  • Website:

White Distillate Cartridge by Ionic

Ionic’s White Cartridge houses a triple distilled, small batch distillate and offers clean and consistent effects geared toward the connoisseurs of fine cannabis extracts. Ionic utilizes CCELL vaping technology revolutionized by tech company Jupiter, which delivers powerful and consistent puffs of vapor from a ceramic heating element free from any type of burning taste that is commonly associated with wick-based carts. With a mild-but-pleasant terpene profile, I found that the THC hit me quickly after one pull, starting with some confounding euphoria and stretching into a super relaxing couch lock; I’m not so sure this is a cartridge for on the go! After a few minutes of letting the high settle in, I’ve regained my composure and feel like I’m on a cloud. Definitely pace yourself with this stuff.

White Distillate Cartridge by Ionic

Available At…

Western WA

All Main Street Marijuana Locations

All 420 Cannabis Stores Locations

Mary Mart: 3002 6th Ave., Tacoma, WA 98406

Eastern WA

All Cinder Locations

All Apex Cannabis Locations

Locals Canna House: 9616 E Sprague Ave., Spokane Valley, WA 99206

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