Juniper: Family-Run Cannabis on the Hill


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Juniper – Southern Humboldt County, CA

Jennifer Appel has grown cannabis since 1983, and her garden, Juniper — a full-flower, strain-specific company that exclusively produce pre-rolls — is a family affair. Appel’s descendants grow with her; her son Arlo, a lifelong cultivator, manages the farm’s daily operations and his partner Katherine works alongside him. Appel’s youngest son Indigo is her wingman and assists all aspects of the business, and her teenage daughter provides social media and computer guidance. Working together and doing what they love keeps the family close. “It feels in many ways like an old-fashioned way to live,” says Appel. “My children have grown up playing outside, seeing firsthand what it takes to grow your own food, while surrounded by a nurturing and caring community.”

Juniper - Southern Humboldt County, CAThe Place

The grassroots Southern Humboldt cannabis community carries “strong values of walking lightly on Earth, taking care of each other and celebrating community,” shares Appel. Fifteen miles from the ocean, Juniper cultivates on a steep hill tucked into a tiny valley. Appel purchased the farm in 1992, inspired by the land’s quality. On the farm, birds sing and the sound of running water echoes on the breeze. “The land has a magical feeling and always has, since the first time I went there,” says Appel. “The land takes care of us and people who smoke flowers from the farm.” 

Juniper - Southern Humboldt County, CAThe Product

Juniper has grown for decades, and their newest product line launched this past spring. “We use AAA flower in our pre-rolls and don’t add any trim, ever,” says Appel, adding, “We’re pesticide-free.” As her son Arlo explains, “We choose to use organic dry amendments over synthetic fertilizers because organics allow plants to communicate with microorganisms in [the] soil. They will break down organic matter and make required nutrients available.” Biodiversity gives back to the land, which in turn has given abundantly to people. Thin Mint GSC, Orange Sherbert, Gelato 41 and Trinidad OG are available in sociable pre-roll packs or glass tubes until next season; their next harvest will include Mimosa, Sundae Driver, Lemonade and Ice Cream Cake varieties.

Juniper - Southern Humboldt County, CA

“The land has a magical feeling and always has, since the first time I went there. The land takes care of us and people who smoke flowers from the farm.”

– Jennifer Appel, Juniper owner and founder


Ashleigh Castro

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