Hit and Run by Mac 1

A Topshelf Testament to TruMed’s Boutique Buds


  • Test Results: 29.8% THC
  • Tested By: C4 Laboratories | c4laboratories.com
  • Instagram: @trumed.az
  • Website: trumedaz.com

Mac 1 by TruMed

Pungent aromas of skunky haze and sweet earth punch me in the face as I open my boutique bag of Mac 1 buds from TruMed. The soft, spongy nugs look otherworldly, covered with green and purple leaves accented by wild, fiery-orange hairs under a blanket of fuzzy, frosty crystals that break apart with ease. My first inhale is smooth, tasting of zesty orange peel and cheesy diesel. Moments later, I feel the cerebral buzz building behind my eyes, giving me an accelerated burst of creative energy that motivates me and shifts my mood into the next gear.

I’m productive for hours before the indica side of the flower kicks in. Suddenly I feel my muscles release their tension as a potent relaxation barrels through my nervous system in a rush of satisfying relief, leaving my body and mind stranded in a state of euphoria that carries me through the rest of my day.

Mac 1 by TruMed

Available At…

TruMed Dispensary: 1613 N 40TH St., Phoenix, AZ 85008

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