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The Band That Will Make You Think Twice About What You Eat


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Mention the term heavy metal, and there’s one thing that all headbangers, stoners, music critics, and even musicians themselves universally agree on: Black Sabbath is the band that created heavy metal music.

Today, a flood of Black Sabbath cover bands and tribute groups exist and continue to perform “Paranoid”, “Iron Man” and the drab four’s other classic songs all over the world. But, one particular stands out, with its unconventional approach and interpretation.

Enter Mac Sabbath, an LA based, bizarre, family friendly and cartoonish freakshow of a band, all dedicated to the songs of Black Sabbath, with a lyrical twist. The group, featuring singer Ronald Osbourne, guitarist Slayer McCheese, bassist Grimalice and drummer the Catburglar wages war on the fast food industry, highlights the dangers of GMO foods, and the toxins in junk food. Mac Sabbath will make you think twice about what you eat next time you have the munchies. The band’s take on Sabbath has been dubbed as ‘drive thru metal.’

Due to the mysterious and controversial nature of Mac Sabbath, no band members give interviews. But, the band’s manager Mike Odd, lead singer of LA area Occult rock band Rosemary’s Billygoat[] took time to speak with DOPE about his duties managing Mac Sabbath and the nature of their music, love of Black Sabbath, and message against the fast food industry.

Dope Magazine (Alex Distefano): What are your duties as Mac Sabbath’s manager?

Mike Odd: This is quite unconventional. Mac Sabbath does not to interviews for various reasons, so they leave it up to me. Ronald Osbourne is this secret entity — he’s anonymous to me as well, but, it’s my job to wrangle him when I can and be the conduit between him and reality. I have to keep him away from society and everyone the band deals with. If things get discussed in a modern context he loses it. So aside from the everyday duties of a band manager, I am more of a wrangler of sanity for the band.

Tell us about the legacy of Black Sabbath.

Well I think that is why Mac Sabbath chose me to be their manager. We all agree that Black Sabbath is a band who didn’t just create heavy metal music; but also, punk rock, gothic and all the other music us weirdos hold near and dear. It all comes from Black Sabbath. They played the earliest fast, heavy music. When “Paranoid” came out nothing sounded that punk rock. So, we agree that it all started for this type of music with Black Sabbath — their music is timeless.

Is there a moral or message to Mac Sabbath’s music?

Well, drive thru metal is not what people think. If you dig deeper into the lyrics, the band is going through what the fast food industry really is. The songs point out the evils of GMOs, and expose evil corporations like Monsanto, and the meat industry. Of course, the music is really heavy, and the lyrics are actually serious and scary, but it’s super fun! You are watching a clown and it’s madness at every live show. The general message is to bring everyone back to a time when both music and good nutritious food were authentic in society.

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How do you keep healthy on the road, and avoid eating fast food?

Life on the road can be tough. There is not a lot of time for sleep or anything else really on tour with a band like this. Eating healthy can be difficult when we tour, but we do the best we can. The venues we play are usually pretty good about getting us amazing healthy organic food to eat, so thankfully there is that.

We understand Mac Sabbath wants to be known as a family band?

That is correct. Ronald is a clown, but he also wants to be a family man. People glance at him, and Mac Sabbath, and with one look and assume it’s a bizarre heavy metal act done for shock value. But, you will notice there is no cursing in the lyrics. There are no references to sex or drugs either. We’re cleaner than anything you see on TV. I guess Mac Sabbath are kind of like a Nickelodeon friendly band.

What is in the future for Mac Sabbath?

We are in the midst of a U.S. tour, just playing shows. But this will also be the first time for Mac Sabbath in Canada. We have a special Halloween show in San Francisco on Halloween coming up. Check out website and social media for details.

Mac Sabbath will be on tour in October. Find tour dates at their website