Involvement Through Community

Amongst the trees on the corner of 18th and Marshall in Portland, Oregon, resides an illuminated canary yellow cannabis dispensary called MindRite. Walking through the doors you are instantly greeted with a warm smile. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely excited to be there. Whether you’re there recreationally or as a medical patient, MindRite has you covered with their extensive selection of high quality products.

Owners, Jaime and Shea Conley live in the neighborhood and take pride in having a strong sense of community. MindRite runs a program in store where they compile their tips and turn them into donations. After a certain level is reached, the shop matches the tip amount and donates it to a local charity. They often take customer and employee suggestions as to where their donations can do the most good. They raised nearly double their anticipated goal while sponsoring an individual participating in a, “Walk to Defeat ALS.” They helped facilitate eight different cool down areas for the elderly around the Portland area and just last month MindRite donated to, “Soul River Runs Deep,” where they connect the youth and veterans to the outdoors.

Owners, Jaime and Shea Conley live in the neighborhood and take pride in having a strong sense of community. MindRite runs a program in store where they compile their tips and turn them into donations.

Another part of MindRite’s charm can be contributed to its name. “I wanted to give it a unique name,” said owner Shea Conley. “One that was a reflection of our values to help elevate our community through knowledge and understanding.” In the year and a half since its opening, the owners have done that and more.

As the OLCC began to come out with its list of rules and regulations, one of their biggest concerns was for the safety and well being of the people. One of the rules in particular has proven to pay off in ways that also help those working and living in the neighborhood. The current rules set by the OLCC require for the outside video cameras to be recording at a minimum distance of 15 feet from the shop’s exterior at all times. After a couple of theft crimes were committed in the near by vicinity, MindRite’s video cameras were able to help the local law enforcement with its investigation as they located the robbers.

Statistics have shown that the safety of a neighborhood has much to do with the economic level of the city it resides in. I was provided with an opportunity to speak with the Portland Police Bureau’s, Sargent Pete Simpson on the matter. Sgt. Simpson has high hopes for the city of Portland and its future involvement with the cannabis economy. He also stated that it has been an, “unexpectedly smooth transition,” as more and more dispensaries open within the city. Although medical Marijuana has been legal in Oregon for sometime now, they still had their initial concerns regarding recreational marijuana. However, the businesses have been cooperative and appear to be extending a helping hand whenever possible. He added, “People who identify strongly with their neighborhood take pride in making it a safe and enjoyable place to live.”

Exterior of MindRite

Understanding cannabis and the variety of possible contributions it has to offer hasn’t always been easy. It’s been a long a winding road to get us where we are today. As further information unfolds and we gradually gain a greater understanding of its positive effects, so too does it appear that we have opened a new line of communication. Within this open line of communication is an opportunity to reflect upon our values as people and perhaps just how closely related our individual values are to one another.

Leading by example, MindRite wants to help set the trends and mindsets of the way people view the cannabis industry. What they’ve added to their neighborhood is far more than just another business; they’ve become an integral part of the community. They are contributing greatly to the growing Portland economy and help make their neighborhood a safe and comfortable place to live.

Cannabis flower at MindRite

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