Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

“We call our topicals, ‘Help Where It Hurts, Without the High,’” explained Sweet ReLeaf founder Didi Davis to DOPE Magazine, “because topicals work differently on the body than other forms of cannabis medicine,” Davis elaborated. “You are actually able to apply and medicate the area exactly where it hurts”.

The family-run business was born of necessity. Davis discussed the company’s history and ideals, “I thought of the idea to develop Sweet ReLeaf when I realized the truth in the old adage, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’ We had a friend who was injured badly in a car accident. I knew a product had to be invented.”

Following tests and trials, Davis developed Sweet ReLeaf topicals. The products are primarily used for chronic pain, including that of the joints and muscles.

“We had an older patient who arrived in a wheelchair, complaining about his painful neuropathy in his feet and his inability to walk,” two weeks later he was walking again. A month later he walked into the dispensary, great big smile and said, “Guess what? I’m dancing again! But you know what else? You cured my toenail fungus!”

The products speak for themselves through numerous patient testimonials on their website, Davis and her crew guarantee a clean, green product as they are in a close relationship with their growers. They also test batches on a regular basis. “The pure crystals are infused into the coconut oil, then mixed with the other ingredients in its purest form,” Davis described. “It has a very light scent.”

Sweet ReLeaf products are available in dispensaries across California and can be viewed and ordered online at

Sweet ReLeaf jars
Sweet ReLeaf jars

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