Original Oregon Lights: Trillium Collective’s New Strain Will Make You Float


  • Test Results: 28.1% THC | 3% CBD
  • Tested By: EVIO Labs Portland
  • Produced and provided by: Trillium Collective and Greeley Gallery
  • Instagram: @greeleygallery
  • Website: greeleygallerypdx.com

Original Oregon Lights

New strain alert! Trillium Collective, a sister company of Greeley Gallery, has created an exclusive new strain we’re excited to introduce to our readers: Original Oregon Lights. This 60% indica-dominant flower is one of the first custom creations from Damian Diedrich, Owner of Trillium Collective. The bud we received was massive; perfectly manicured with a deep purple color and simply drenched with trichomes. The intense, fruity smell hints at the strain’s potent high.

Original Oregon Lights by Trillium Collective

With an earthy, sweet flavor and smooth, clean smoke, the effects were a bit delayed, but after a few minutes my head was buzzing ever so slightly as the high settled down into my body, seeking to soothe any aches and pains from the day. Waves of calm followed from that lovely trace of CBD. Greeley Gallery in North Portland is currently the only location where you can get this exclusive, uniquely Oregon strain!

Available Exclusively At…

Greeley Gallery: 6512 N Greeley Ave, Portland, OR 97217


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