No Ordinary Jack: Timeless, Premium Genetics from Nug


  • Test Results: 12.89% THC | .07% CBD | 1.21% CBG
  • Tested By: CW Analytical Laboratories
  • Facebook: @thesocialnug
  • Instagram: @nug
  • Twitter: @TheSocialNug
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Premium Jack by Nug

Jack Herer is a favorite strain to many, including Nug, who were inspired to make a more robust, timeless version of the classic. Its genetics derive from a Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze crossing. Nug’s Premium Jack is from the same lineage, but strain specifics are confidential.

PJ nugs are soft, yet firm and bright, colored a lime frosty green with gold pistils. The sweet pine and citrus fragrances go beyond ordinary Jack. The inhale is smooth and thick, flavored with lime and pine that quench the thirst its essence draws. PJ is a sativa-dominant hybrid, which lifts mood and creativity levels with the calming effects of an indica.

Oakland-based Nug maintains full control of every aspect of their production: fully single-sourced cannabis, locally owned and staffed. They always sell out of PJ, which received a High Times Cannabis Cup award in 2012 for Best Sativa.

Premium Jack by Nug
Premium Jack by Nug

Available At…

  1. CBCB: 3033 Shatituck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705
  2. The Guild: 2943 Daylight Way, San Jose, CA 95111
  3. Alpine Alternative: 8112 Alpine Ave, Sacramento, CA 95826


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