Primus: Uplifting Indica

Test Results: THC: 24.9%

Tested by: Green Grower Labs

Indica: 60% | Sativa: 40%

Primus from Rainier Acres is a long lasting, blissful blend of Trainwreck and 303 OG that presents old school skunky fragrances and light earthy piney tastes with an ever so slight hint of sweetness. This cut brings anxiety and stress levels down to near nothing, and zero paranoia that is often the marker of some other strains. The relaxing mood and mild hunger is perfect for an after work high and the come down helps sleep come on easier. The slight head change is nice and balanced with more tranquilizing body effects making this strain a must-try for an indica enthusiast.


Mellow & balanced

Mild cerebral effects

Appetite stimulant

Primus from Rainier Acres

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