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The High Art of Drag Culture


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From promoting cannabis and safe sex in his drag to working at Planned Parenthood and supporting local cannabis companies, Felony Misdemeanor always has a joint in his hand and an immaculately placed wig.

Theariale StCyr, also known by his drag name, Felony Misdemeanor, is known in Denver for three things: his cannabis activism, his drag persona and his work with Planned Parenthood’s The Drop, a group that advocates for safe sex and HIV awareness.

“I first got into drag by chance, really,” he explains. “I was asked to fill in an empty spot at my friend’s birthday show; a queen had dropped out, and he asked if I could step in and do the show. He found someone to do my makeup, clothes and hair. I went out and performed, and I haven’t looked back since. I was always an entertainer growing up, always dancing and singing, so this was just another way to do that.”

For StCyr, drag was a way to be more involved in the queer community and express himself through art. As he became more active in the LGBTQ community, he also discovered cannabis.

“I started using cannabis around the age of 21,” he says. “I started very slowly; I’d get high when I came home from college on vacation.”

Still, despite living in Colorado where cannabis was legal, it took him a while to decide to work cannabis into his drag persona.

“My journey with cannabis and drag started out as a joke, really,” he admits. “Right around the time the marijuana bill was being passed, I would say, ‘Smoke Weed for America,’ because the taxes were going to help out Colorado in amazing ways. I continued to say it, though it would get me in trouble. Go figure. Everyone smokes the shit now. The phrase was my trademark and had been for some time. I even did an on-air-interview the day the bill was passed with a radio station in Las Cruces, New Mexico.”

Since then, StCyr has become more outspoken as a cannabis advocate. He is careful to never actually consume cannabis live, since that would be against Colorado law at most venues, but he always advocates for it.

“[A few times] I have worked cannabis into a drag routine or game. To one song, in particular, I would roll a blunt while performing on stage, one with fake weed of course; I obey the law. Other times, I’d have the audience participate in a blunt-rolling contest.”

Because of this, cannabis has become a signature part of StCyr’s shtick. He’s quick to make a cannabis quip while on stage, along with some of the typical drag jokes about sex and queer culture. StCyr’s level of comfort with the plant is obvious; it’s a natural part of his gig.

However, StCyr isn’t all fun and games. By day, when not performing on stage or lighting one up, he has an important job as an HIV program specialist at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. Their new program, The Drop, is a drop-in HIV center where you can come, hang out, receive support and get tested. He acknowledges that cannabis can go hand-in-hand with HIV prevention but is still limited as to what he can say at work.

“I use my platform to advocate for cannabis by talking about it and making it the norm,” he explains. “I do ads with a local dispensary, Spark. As far as HIV health is concerned, I’m more of a preventionist. I leave the care part to the professionals. When at work, I keep cannabis separate, though if a client asks what they can take to help with PrEP nausea, I will say that smoking will help, but that’s the extent of it.”

Despite all his hard work smoking, advocating and werking it in heels and a dress, one thing is still missing for StCyr.

“I’m single,” he jokes. “I need a pot smoking boyfriend.”

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